Saturday, September 17, 2011

Please rate your writing skills

Hai everyone..whatcha doing?looking good huh!alhamdulillah J

Niat d hati entry kali ni nak kongsi beberapa common questions utk jawatan2 yang memelukan teknik penulisan atau in English termnya dipanggil “writing skills”.

Antara jawatan yang sesuai tok soalan ini adalah :

-Associate Consultant

-Pegawai Penyelidik

-Research Analyst

*dan apa2 shaja jwatan yg memerlukan anda memberi report bertulis

Questions : Can you tell me your ability in writing? As we know this position needs you to come out with a report every project. Are you a writer born? Please rate yourself

*Remember!!!every question you must give your full attention and please find what is the point of the question. After you got it, then you start think what is the best answer from yourself. Take your own time b4 you give your words okkei J

Suggested answer

First of all I am not a writer born person but I am a develop person in writing. What I mean is my writing skill was improved from time to time. For example, when I was in primary school essay subject is one of my favorite subjects and I never got other than A result. Furthermore, when I was in secondary school I was required to come out with a report about my project which is seems like thesis project but it is for school level. From here I start to improved my writing skills a lot such as knowing what is the format of project report, what is the common term we used to deliver all the information. Finally, during my undergraduate study, I’ve come out with my thesis report which is about consumption trend of cooking palm oil among Malaysians. Therefore, I got an A for that subject. I bravely to rate myself in writing skills 7out 10 and I believe if I got the chance to join this company the rate will be increased.

*ini hanya cadangan jawapan kei :)*